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About us


The Association québécoise des informaticiennes et informaticiens indépendants en TI (AQIII). This professional association was founded in 1993 as a non-profit organization.  The AQIII represents the voice of more than 25,100 self-employed, freelance and micro-entrepreneurs in information technology (IT) across Quebec and brings together the largest pool of IT talent in Canada, all areas of expertise combined (project managers, programmers, developers, analysts, etc.). As Quebec’s only business community dedicated exclusively to independent IT consultants, it has been supporting the success of its 1,300 members for 30 years.

Our mission

Develop the community of independent IT consultants in Quebec by :

Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3
Mission 4

Our values


Mutual support

We benefit from working together and enjoy doing so.



We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our professionalism results from the acquisition of relevant skills, knowledge and abilities that enable us to achieve the highest standards.



We act honestly, openly and fairly. This means that we take responsibility for our actions in order to build and maintain a reputation as a reliable, professional and impactful organisation.



We protect the association and its members from any interference that would distract us from our mission, vision or values.

The AQIII team

François Marchal

Chief Executive Officer
514 388-6147

Magali Lasnes

Advisor, event organization and partnerships
514 388-6147 poste 5

Capucine Dobbelaere

Advisor, Communications and Marketing
514 388-6147 poste 2

Siriki Coulibaly

Finance and Administration Manager
514 388-6147 poste 1

To become a member

As a member, you benefit from a range of services to support your growth in the IT industry.