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Membership benefits

It pays to be a member of AQIII !

Benefit from a range of services to support your growth in the IT industry.
It’s the strength of belonging to a network.

Knowing your industry for better orientation

Members have free access to the Industry portrait of independent IT consulting.

Surround yourself with professionals

AQIII has negotiated over 30 exclusive discount offers (insurance, lawyers, accountants, graphic designers, training, retirement savings, etc.) for its members.

Member strength

AQIII members benefit from group insurance (drug, health, dental and travel).

Participate in your group plan

Since 2020, AQIII members have been able to contribute to a group retirement savings plan.

SEO pays off

Receive 25 discount on your next membership renewal for each member you refer to AQIII.

Your next mandate by e-mail

Did you know that members receive new mandates published on the AQIII website by e-mail as soon as it is published ?

Benefit from member rates for our events

AQIII members benefit from exclusive discounts on events and training for the association and the ecosystem.

Virtual mentoring

AQIII members have access to a service of virtual mentoring to assist them and answer any questions they may have about becoming an independent consultant.

Treat yourself to the prestige of the Saint-James Club

Thanks to the membership option VIP, AQIII members enjoy all the benefits of Club Saint-James.

Our members’ profiles

The 10th edition of Industry portrait of IT Consulting 2023 – made possible by the cooperation of
independent IT consultants from all walks of life who responded to our survey.

To become a member

As a member, you benefit from a range of services to support your growth in the IT industry.