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Become a member! AQIII members benefit from many services at exclusive rates! It pays to be a member of the AQIII! Benefit from a set of services to support your growth in the information technology industry. It is the strength of belonging to a network. Annual membership: $ 290 + tx*. If you would like to join the VIP membership or if you are a student, please call us to proceed with your registration. 514 388-6147 ext 1

*Membership fees are not refundable and are subject to the law on drug insurance. AQIII offers its members an advantageous group drug and health care insurance program.

Since January 1, 1997, Quebec’s Act respecting prescription drug insurance, which was passed by the Quebec National Assembly, stipulates that all persons residing in Quebec must subscribe to a prescription drug insurance plan. Membership in a drug insurance plan must first be through a group plan offered by a federation, a professional order or an association such as the AQIII, or through the group plan of one’s employer or spouse, or, failing the above, through the public plan (RAMQ).