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Start-up package valid for the first year only. Everything you need to get started!


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Our team will contact you to activate your membership after payment.


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Member benefits Exclusive and limited to 100 members. Value of $2,500


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To join the VIP option membership, you must contact us by phone : 

514 388-6147, poste 1

Eligibility requirements

Any person acting as a consultant or contractor (less than 20 employees) in a field related to information technology may become a regular member by applying to the corporation.

Important before joining

AQIII offers group insurance (health care, drugs and travel).

The member must subscribe to a prescritpion drug insurance plan if he is not already covered by a private plan.

Frequently asked questions

  • I am an immigrant/newcomer… :  You can be a member if you are a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen (you must be able to apply for and carry out ICT mandates). Work/Vacation Permits (WVP) are not sufficient.
  • I am a permanent employee… : even if you are currently employed by a company, you can apply for membership of the AQIII.
    • You will be able to benefit from the tools of the AQIII to find your first mandate ;
    • You can find additional contracts.
  • Concept of business and contractual intelligence : check your current employment contract to make sure there isn’t a clause in it that prevents you from carrying out parallel IT contracts. If in doubt, ask one of AQIII’s lawyers for help.
  • I am a student… : Are you currently a full-time student and under 30 years old? You have at least 1 year of experience in ICT in internships/contracts/employment (paid or unpaid)? You can apply for your AQIII membership at a special rate!

Good to know

  • Membership fees are tax deductible ;
  • When you refer a new member and they mention your name in their request (in the comments box), you receive a $25 credit on your next membership renewal ;
  • Requests for VIP option membership must be made at the office of AQIII ;
  • REGULAR, ESSENTIAL and STUDENT membership applications can be made quickly and efficiently online, 24 hours a day.

So you can quickly start benefiting from AQIII’s tools and services,
get seen and find your mandate ! 

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