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Call for nominations for our Board of Directors

Open positions for 2024-2026

The AQIII is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors composed of 10 volunteers whose mandate is to oversee the organization’s development. Board members are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting on October 12, 2023, for a renewable two (2)-year term. In addition to attending Board meetings, AQIII members are encouraged to join one of the association’s committees. These committees are made up of members of the Board of Directors, the permanent staff and external members.

Profiles required

In order to enhance its representativeness and improve corporate governance, AQIII wishes to improve its collective skills profile and will give particular preference to members with one of the following profiles:
  • IT consultant with a strong techno profile (geek) ;

  • Consultant with experience and/or strong accounting profile ;
  • Consultant with experience and/or entrepreneurial profile (multiple employees, business model with product, etc.) ;
  • New IT Consultant (under 30) ;
  • Consultant (IT Woman) ;
  • Experience in board governance.


The requirements to become a member of the AQIII Board of Directors are as follows:

  • Prepare and attend evening Board meetings (6 meetings of 3.5 hours each per year);

  • Prepare for and attend the Annual Strategy Session (one Saturday in April), which lasts 8 hours (full day);
  • Be actively involved on working committees (according to your field of interest and expertise);
  • Participate in Association events whenever possible;
  • Mentor members and future members;
  • Be an AQIII ambassador.

Role of the Board

Development of a vision for the future and directions.

Establishment of clear policies in the following areas, which directors must respect:

    • AQIII mission and values
    • AQIII customers
    • Strategic choices affecting the long term of AQIII, including :
          • Its own role and member services
          • The role of the General Manager, his supervision and performance assessment
          • AQIII’s orientation
          • AQIII’s image and visibility
    • The results and the means of controlling them, including :
          • The year’s program of activities
          • Approval of new member services and discontinuation of existing services
          • Budget approval
          • Controls and verification of organizational performance.

Responsible for your own actions, delegating appropriately and being accountable for your own performance.

    • Acts as ambassador and promoter of the corporation, conveying positive and appropriate information about the association and promoting AQIII to non-members and partners.
    • Assists with member and partner recruitment, activity registrations and event organization, including welcoming participants and on-site logistics.

Advantages granted


Free membership during the director’s active term of office.

Maintains professional insurance to cover actions as a corporate director

How to submit your application

Send your application by e-mail to fmarchal@aqiii.org for the attention of François Marchal, president and CEO of AQIII. He can be reached at 514 388-6147, poste 3.

Document to enclose :

  • Portfolio or curriculum vitae
  • Completed application form

DEADLINE : friday august 23, 2024